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Absence makes the heart grow fonder

14 sep

After having spent a week and a half at my parents’ house I came back to my own apartment tonight after karate practise. As soon as I walked in the door I was surprised as to how good it felt to be back. It’s not that I don’t like my apartment – I really do – it’s just that I didn’t even know that I had missed it that much until I came back here again.

And that’s the way it always is isn’t it? At least for me it is. I need some time away sometimes in order to appreciate the good things in my life, be it people, my work, favorite music or even my hobbies. Yesterday I went to my first karate practise of the season (when we actually started back up after summer as long as four weeks ago…) and it felt really good to be back! To be honest I had been postponing it a bit, and some nights when I planned on going I just ended up staying home instead. Often with some «good» excuse like a headache or whatever (sounds like I was trying to skip out on something else… 😉 Perhaps I just needed a break – who knows… But the thing is that it was only when I finally dragged my lazy butt to practice yesterday that I really remembered how much fun I have training karate. It felt so good to be back that I now can’t seem to remember why I skipped practise at all anymore.

In a way I’m glad that my mind works like this because it means that I don’t have to worry if my interest for something fades in some periods of time, because it rarely lasts forever. Be it a project, a band I used to love or a sport I’ve trained for years. But it also makes me wonder why I cannot just appreciate these things every day? Why do I need a break in order to fully love it again? And why does this seem to be true in so many other areas in my life as well – like when it comes to boys for instance? I always seem to want what I can’t have. and what I can have is not that interesting… But that’s a whole blog post in itself.

Anyways… Food for thought I guess. All I know is I went to karate practice again and had a great time, so at least it wasn’t a one off. 😉