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The big stuff

7 apr

All that we have is a result of what we have thought

– Buddha

I’m gonna spare you for all the self-help mumbo jumbo, but I will say that I am reading a couple of very interesting books these days (opinions on these books differ from the people who feel it is all bulls**t to the ones who feel like they have found the answer to all life’s questions). What I love about these books is that they make me think about life from a different angle, and (sometimes) I learn something new that gives me a new insight about myself and others.

I have always been very interested in philosophy and religion and the bigger questions in life. When I was younger I was a sworn atheist and so sure that there was nothing else to this world than what you see. I used to think that religion was just a comfort to the people who were too weak to face the realities in life, mostly because that’s what my parents told me. I used to think that when you die there is just a big black hole of nothingness, and that’s pretty much the scariest thought I can imagine. During the years since then I have become more open to the possibility that there might be more to this world than what the eye can see, and though I doubt that I will ever feel like I have figured out how this life works I love to discuss and read about these things.

There is of course a big difference between religion and the self help books; where many religions center around some kind of God or higher power that we need to praise, the self help books tell us that all we need in order to find meaning in life and peace lies within us. But there are similarities as well. Both religion and the self help books seek to show us the road to a better life and seek to give us the answers to how we need to act in order to change our lives for the better – I guess that is partly what fascinates me.

Reading books about Yoga, Buddhism and even the famous «The Secret» lets me take a time out during the day to «get my head out of my ass» (so to speak) and think about the bigger things in life and the big questions. Sometimes it feels good to lose oneself in thoughts such as; Is there such a thing as a soul? Do we have life after death? Do the thoughts we think shape our lives in more ways than we think? Are all living things in the world somehow connected? Although I would like to find an answer to these I don’t necessarily feel like that is the goal, I just love pondering and considering the implications of the different possible answers.