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If Only

18 nov

If only I had been better at hiding
What my heart so incessantly wanted
If only I had been better at keeping
My thoughts of you to myself

If only I could have hid my true feelings
Kept them locked away

If only I was better at playing the stupid game
Like everyone else seems to
If only I didn’t feel the need to say
All that was on my mind

If only I could have pretended
Not to shiver every time you touched me
If only I didn’t feel so much
When you looked in my eyes

Then maybe things would have turned out different
If only…

Line Fauske, 2010



22 sep
What is that spark?
That electricity
Like a shot through the heart
Only by you looking at me

You make my heart race and my breath stop
My head spins and my body quivers
My emotions caught in a headlock
No escape, like I’m in a room full of mirrors

Rays of lightning
Flowing through my body
All my emotions reeling
Oh, what is this you do to me

Warmth spreading from head to toes
Red lights flashing, warning signs
You have the power to hurt and bring woe
But for now I’ll just enjoy these exciting times

Line Fauske – 2010