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Things I am grateful for on my 30th birthday

28 feb

Those who know me know that I love my birthday. And i mean LOVE. Weeks and months before the day itself I start looking forward to it. This time though, not so much… The number 30 scared me, and I was not entirely sure I wanted to leave my twenties just yet.

If I am honest it has mostly to do with the fact that I am 30 and single – and that was just not the plan. But then as the clock turned midnight last night and the day finally came, I was filled with this enormous feeling of gratitude. Gratitude for all the blessings I have in my life, and gratitude for life itself. So I started writing it down – and here it is.

I am grateful…

–  for still being aroung and being able to live to see this day. Many people around the world die before they ever see the age of 30…

– for all my wonderful friends – old and new alike. Thank you for bringing so much joy and love to my life.

– for my family. My father the sailor, my mother with the sensitive warmhearted artist soul, and my one of a kind precious brother. I love you to bits! 🙂 Same goes for my extended family of course, both blood and the other kind.

– for all the precious teachers I have had in my life. From my first teacher – my mother, to my grandma Eva who taught me reading, writing & math when I was 5 years old. My karate teacher Simon Chilembo who taught me to believe in myself and who gave me strength, confidence and the belief that it is OK to be yourself and to be loud and proud. All my school teachers along the way.  For all my past bosses who have taught me so much about business. Thank you for making me into who I am today.

– for yoga and the amazing changes it has brought to my life ❤ Thank you John for being my teacher and for bringing yoga and these precious teachings into my life. I am so grateful for the whole yoga community at Eight Treasures Yoga – you light up my life.

– for my health. At 30 I am stronger, healthier and in better shape than ever.

– for having a great job. I am blessed with a job that makes going to work a joy, and after holidays I actually look forward to going back and seeing my team and all my great colleagues again. You rock!

– for having a place to live, and even having the good fortune of owning an apartment. Yes it is small, but it is cosy and located in the best part of Oslo (in my humble opinion) – and it is home.

– for all the heartbreaks. Yes, there have been many… But I have never given up hope, and I am grateful that even after all that I still believe in love and am not afraid to open my heart again. And even though being single and 30 wasn’t really part of the plan I am OK with it, and I have a truckload of life lessons with me. I have a lot of love to give, so in the meantime I will try to give it to all the people who are in my life already.

– for love. Yes there have been heartbreaks, but there has also been love in my life. A LOT of love. And I am so grateful. To me love is the reason we are all here.

– for having had the good fortune of growing up in Norway. Several times over we have been named the best country in the world to live in – I can see why. I am humbled by my very fortunate circumstances and will do my best to give back to the less fortunate.

– for music. Music is one of my many passions, and I  cannot imagine my life without it. There is nothing like the right music to lift my spirits, and I have had so many unforgettable concert experiences.

– for karate and everything (and everyone) it has brought into my life.

– for all the places I have been. I LOVE to travel, and I am grateful for having been able to experience unforgettable trips to South Africa, Thailand, New York, Miami, countless countries in Europe as well as a road trip all the way from Minneapolis MN to Arizona, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas and then back to MN while studying in the US.

– for my love of books and movies. The ability to be totally absorbed in a story, whether while reading or watxhing a film is something I am very grateful for. Sometimes you just need to escape for a little while.

– for my positive outlook on life and my sense of humour. Crying until I laugh, or laughing until I cry.

– for all the inspirational people in the world. Writers, artists, politicians, freedom fighters, and people I meet every day.

– for all the happiness that fills my life – from the small stuff to the big stuff. It is all around – and I am very grateful for that.

– for all the lessons I have learned. Some have been hard, but they have all been important.

Thank you.

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22 sep
What is that spark?
That electricity
Like a shot through the heart
Only by you looking at me

You make my heart race and my breath stop
My head spins and my body quivers
My emotions caught in a headlock
No escape, like I’m in a room full of mirrors

Rays of lightning
Flowing through my body
All my emotions reeling
Oh, what is this you do to me

Warmth spreading from head to toes
Red lights flashing, warning signs
You have the power to hurt and bring woe
But for now I’ll just enjoy these exciting times

Line Fauske – 2010

Chaos theory or the power of negative thinking

20 sep
«The main precept behind this theory is the underlying notion of small occurrences significantly affecting the outcomes of seemingly unrelated events.»
Why is it that when some things start to go wrong, everything goes wrong? That somehow the one affects the other and that when many things like that happens they multiply? Is t that just chaos theory kicking in and that once shit hits the fan more shit keeps coming? Or is it that when bad things happen it is easier to shift into negative thinking, and therefore you only see the negative?

What’s in a name?

17 sep

You might wonder why the blog is called Lenyoloi – well there’s a very special story behind that and it goes back to a trip to South Africa in 2008. I went to SA with my karate teacher/mentor/extra dad Simon Chilembo ( to see SA for the first time and to learn more about where he came from.

I have known Simon since 1989 when I first started training karate at 6 years old. We have always had a special bond, and now almost 20 years after we first met I would finally get to see where he comes from and meet his family. One day we went to see Simon’s uncle and many of his nephews. Before we left Simon’s uncle Moses wanted us all to pray together in a circle. Moses is a very good preacher and is known for this in the family. The prayer was very long and performed in the African language Sesotho, which meant I didn’t understand any of what was said during the prayer. Afterwards we took many pictures together (the whole extended family), and afterwards Simon and I said goodbye to everyone.

Moses in the center with Simon to his right. Simon's mother in the front and center.

Sometime after we had left I asked Simon about the prayer – and he said that Moses had given thanks for having the family together again and attributed this to the angel who had come into their home. This angel who brought peace and happiness. Angel in Sesotho is «Lenyoloi» – and apparently Lenyoloi in this case was me. I later learned that sometimes when a white woman (or man) visits South Africa one can leave and have gotten an African name, it does not happen to everyone but if someone gets a special impression of you they might choose to give you an African name.

This was a very special experience for me, and one I will never forget. I will always carry the name Lenyoloi with me, and all the love and warmth from that day will always be in my heart.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

14 sep

After having spent a week and a half at my parents’ house I came back to my own apartment tonight after karate practise. As soon as I walked in the door I was surprised as to how good it felt to be back. It’s not that I don’t like my apartment – I really do – it’s just that I didn’t even know that I had missed it that much until I came back here again.

And that’s the way it always is isn’t it? At least for me it is. I need some time away sometimes in order to appreciate the good things in my life, be it people, my work, favorite music or even my hobbies. Yesterday I went to my first karate practise of the season (when we actually started back up after summer as long as four weeks ago…) and it felt really good to be back! To be honest I had been postponing it a bit, and some nights when I planned on going I just ended up staying home instead. Often with some «good» excuse like a headache or whatever (sounds like I was trying to skip out on something else… 😉 Perhaps I just needed a break – who knows… But the thing is that it was only when I finally dragged my lazy butt to practice yesterday that I really remembered how much fun I have training karate. It felt so good to be back that I now can’t seem to remember why I skipped practise at all anymore.

In a way I’m glad that my mind works like this because it means that I don’t have to worry if my interest for something fades in some periods of time, because it rarely lasts forever. Be it a project, a band I used to love or a sport I’ve trained for years. But it also makes me wonder why I cannot just appreciate these things every day? Why do I need a break in order to fully love it again? And why does this seem to be true in so many other areas in my life as well – like when it comes to boys for instance? I always seem to want what I can’t have. and what I can have is not that interesting… But that’s a whole blog post in itself.

Anyways… Food for thought I guess. All I know is I went to karate practice again and had a great time, so at least it wasn’t a one off. 😉