2011 – the year of good decisions

12 jan

Happy New Year!

After a long break from blogging I thought it was about time to start back up. I’ve had a wonderful christmas break and am now back in business and feeling better than ever.

I have always been a sucker for New Years and the feeling it gives of a new beginning. The start of a new year has a fresh feeling about it, and the possibilities seem endless. I always have a lot of new years resolutions of course, being the optimist that I am, and I also always believe that THIS year I will be able to keep them. However, like most people it doesn’t always end up that way and I end up feeling a tiny bit disappointed in myself for not being able to step up and do what I had decided.

This year I have decided to have only one resolution, and this one I think I will be able to keep. My resolution is to take better care of myself, by making decisions that are good for me by prioritizing the things and the people that really matter in my life. Taking care of myself covers the obvious such as working out and eating healthily; but also the less obvious and more under the surface stuff like making sure I relax enough, take time to meditate and do yoga and generally focus on finding the balance between the physical and the mental.

I am making the promise to try to ask myself this simple question before going ahead with something: What is the best decision for me – what will actually do me good? Being a very outgoing person with seemingly endless energy, I often don’t take the time to just stay home and relax and instead end up always doing something else. I often just say yes to everything that comes a long and end up with a calendar so packed with appointments that I never have the time to just breathe. The result is often that I get extremely stressed and end up feeling like although I am always doing stuff I never have time to prioritize the really important things. Therefore need to get better at taking it slow and not always feeling the need to do something. This does not mean that I am going to spend 2011 on the couch however, it just means being more aware of how I spend my time and also who I spend it with.

Now, all this focus on what is best for me may sound extremely selfish – and in many ways I guess it is. But it is also true that until you feel good and balanced it is hard to have any energy to give to others. Because needless to say, it is important for me that the people around me are happy and I want to use the energy I get to do more of that in 2011 🙂

A few of the things I look forward to this year:

– starting my new job at Markedshøyskolen
– buying my own apartment
– taking my brother on a weekend trip to a secret destination
– being maid of honour in (one of) my best friends’ weddings
– Øya festivalen (music festival in Oslo)
– going to Marocco with my one of my best friends


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