Friday – I’m in love

24 sep

Finally it’s here, the best day of the whole week. This is why I love Fridays – it is the last day of the working week and the whole day is filled with anticipation for the weekend and thinking of all the fun things you have planned. I am pretty sure that if I ask my colleagues they can definately see my mood accelerating during the week into a peak on Fridays. The weekend hasn’t begun yet, which means there’s a lot of free time and fun waiting, and it’s only a few working hours away. Yay!

This Friday has been pretty good so far. It started with having breakfast with my colleagues this morning and then getting home made brownie which the cantine chef had saved for me (and if you knew how much I LOVE brownie you would understand that this is huge for me). I’ve gotten lots of stuff done at work and tonight will kick off with a few beers with work first and then some wine with my girls before we go out dancing. This is definately the perfect Friday.

Also, I received a wonderful music tip from a friend that I just have to share! Missy Higgins is an artist I have never heard of before, but now I am very happy to have discovered her. Her voice and her lyrics really speak to me – and just after listening to her music at work today I already LOVE her.

Enjoy, and have a good weekend people! 🙂



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